18 June 2015


More super-doodles.

16 June 2015

Who Needs Movie Tickets?

In the last three weeks, HBO and Netflix have delivered long-form vigilante crime-fighters, hot Doctor Who companions getting freaky in trans love affairs, and frickin' Norse giants being attacked by frickin' zombies.  I'm supposed to pay to see another Jurassic Park?

15 June 2015

Punisher Joining Daredevil in Season Two

Interesting choice for the show.  The Punisher is a character that, when put next to the super-hero, is supposed to make the hero look righteous.  Instead, he just reminds comic book readers that crime-fighting superheroes are also fascist thugs...  only they prefer to repeatedly beat the same disenfranchised victims systematically over a number of years, rather than killing them outright.

He'll be played by that guy from The Walking Dead who spent the entirety of its Season Two impersonating a birch tree.  

12 June 2015

R.I.P. Christopher Lee

Sure, vampire, wizard, Sith, all very scary... but, man, that mumu and Mama Cass wig in the Wicker Man'll haunt your dreams.

9 April 2015